Irritable Bowel Disease and Nutritional Assessment

One of the commonest and most intrusive complaints that patients see a doctor about is a disturbance in bowel habit, which may include symptoms such as
mucous in the stools
rectal bleeding
colicky or fixed abdominal pains
exacerbation of the above symptoms when there is a call to stool or
after food.
Often people suffer these symptoms for many years and just tolerate them rather than receive medical treatment perhaps because they don’t believe anything can be done or sometimes because their symptoms weren’t addressed thoroughly when they did seek medical advice.

At Cloud Health we will order tests to either diagnose or rule out important diseases which may be causing the symptoms. At the same time, where indicated, we will order tests to diagnose and shed light onnon-disease conditions that might be contributing to the symptoms. Based on the results of these we will either refer patients onwards for specialist care or recommend an approach to treatment to reduce the symptoms and the impact they have on your life.