Every encounter is an opportunity to improve life,

At The Heart of Every Therapeutic Relationship

Cloud Health understands that your health is your greatest asset and one that’s irreplaceable, so your healthcare is vitally important to you and we share that value. First and foremost the objective of every single consultation is to address your ideas, concerns and expectations which means that we devote time to your care. Time is often a great luxury in busy modern lives so during the consultation you have the opportunity to really figure out and tell us what’s troubling you, no matter whether it’s a small niggle or worrying problem and we have the time to explain what’s going on and answer all your questions.

Let’s Talk About What You’ve Heard

Medical sociology has long recognised the importance of the “lay referral” network which is the whole set of ideas and opinions that a person gathers, often from family members, before they see a doctor. These lay referrals can be the “consultation trigger” that result in a person seeking medical advice for a symptom when they’re “not quite sure if it’s worth bothering the doctor”, in fact the lay referral mechanisms are often responsible for galvanising a person into seeing the doctor when they’re embarrassed or actually quite worried about a symptom, at other times the lay referral can be as simple as hearing that someone with a particular symptom turned out to have a particular disease. Many important illnesses only come to light because of the influence of our families, loved ones or simply our friends.

In much the same way the media can bring a person’s attention to a symptom or the newspapers, TV and radio may inform a person about the most recent information regarding their illness or treatment. Furthermore, whatever the field of expertise, many people undertake their own research before seeing a professional. All of these sources of information effectively constitute a parallel lay referral network, a type of pre-consultation, lay information network. That information network is vitally important and at Cloud Health we aim to satisfy the questions that can arise from it. We prefer, and encourage you to share with us, the information that you have discovered in advance of your consultation; our ideal would be if you send in the information you’ve gathered before your appointment date and we can review and research it before the consultation, but if you prefer then you can bring a copy of the information along to the consultation and we can discuss how it applies to you.

The Highest Clinical Standards – Applied to You

At Cloud Health we rely upon and use the best sources of evidence about the effectiveness of treatment, generally we refer to and practice in accordance with relevant NICE, GMC and Medical Royal College guidances. Where necessary we refer to published research literature or expert opinion. From all of these we select the most relevant for you the individual, we do this because by definition guidelines are written to be applied to large populations of generally similar patients in generally similar situations but equally by definition no individual patient exactly fits that general description so it can be essential to provide truly individualised care.

Full Follow-Up

Many many medical problems need more than one consultation and long term conditions need regular reviews so Cloud Health offers follow-up services for as long as you need them. When and where it’s appropriate we can offer that follow up by telephone (and soon using telehealth) and we can offer discounts for a simple follow-up consultation.

Good Communication

Besides the consultation itself we write a letter to our patient after every single appointment. If you’re also registered for NHS care and you choose to then we can send a copy to your NHS GP.