First Consultations

Choosing your Appointment Type

At the first appointment we will get to know each other and the Doctor will find out about your medical history as well as assess the problem that made you book the appointment. The most important thing is to make sure that we have enough time to meet each other properly, if there are other patients waiting then we might have to . Please consider these two descriptions below and decide which would be the most useful appointment for you to book.

  • If you are generally in quite good health and have a single, simple problem that you want to consult the Doctor about then you should book a standard first appointment which lasts for up to 30 minutes.
  • If you have a number of different problems or you have long-standing illnesses or repeat medications that need reviewing or you want a general check-up to make sure everything is OK then please book an assessment appointment which will be scheduled for up to one hour. If you see one of the assessments that matches what you want from your consultation then please tell the booking team which one you”d like, this will help the Doctor to be better prepared for your appointment. If you’re not sure  about which assessment to book then the Chronic Disease Assessment will cover all possibilities.

If you have any doubt about which appointment type to book then you should ask for an assessment appointment and be assured that if you don’t need so long with the Doctor then we’ll only charge you for the standard first appointment.

Before your Appointment

Please download, print and complete this registration form.

  • If you can post it to the clinic at Winchester House in advance then that will be very helpful.
  • If you can’t send the completed form in advance then please bring it with you and give it to the Doctor when you arrive.