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Health concerns have, arguably, been the major force driving the recent explosion of wearable tech. Over the past couple of years, simple fitness trackers like the Jawbone Up and Fitbit’s various iterations have seemingly become nearly as ubiquitous as the smartphones they tether to, while their basic step counting and calorie monitoring has become baseline functionality in the smartwatch space.
Heck, even our headphones are starting to get their own built-in heart monitoring. It’s a net positive, of course. After decades of technology being held at least partially responsible for the growing obesity epidemic, it’s great to see technology makers taking both figurative and literal steps to help us help ourselves to get in shape.
And while exercising more certainly has long-term health benefits, manufacturers are also looking to wearables to help tackle more serious health concerns. Below are some new types of wearables emerging.

  • Diabetes Wearables
  • Intel Parkinson’s Wearable
  • Lifekeeper
  • CarePredict Tempo
  • Wearables for the Hearing Impaired
  • Wearables for the Visually Impaired





CarePredict Tempo

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