BMA Guidance on Advertising

The BMA quotes the GMC guidance on advertising and elaborates with details (follow link)

Doctors may advertise their services, for example on the internet, in formal advertisements in newspapers or magazines, a practice leaflet, or an editorial or news piece in a newspaper. However, all advertising must follow the guidelines set out by the General Medical Council.

The GMC guidance states that any information provided about medical services MUST:

  • comply with the law and guidance issues by the Advertising Standards Authority
  • be factual and verifiable
  • not make unjustifiable claims about the quality of service
  • not offer guarantees of cures or exploit patients’ vulnerability or lack of medical knowledge
  • not put pressure on people to use the service, for example, by arousing ill founded fear for their future health or by visiting or telephoning prospective patients



Source: BMA – Private Practice – Promoting Your Services | British Medical Association

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