Covid Testing

We’ve seen many “patients” who aren’t ill – and haven’t been ill at any time – with Coronovirus symptoms but need a Coronovirus test for “non-clinical” reasons. The commonest situation is when people are travelling abroad but we’ve also done tests in other cases like health/care workers (before they were more widely available) or before people (usually the boss of a company or factory) return to work and meet co-workers again for the first time.


We’ve set up a special Package Price for non-clinical Covid Tests.

We can undertake the testing 6 days a week and can usually provide the result on the next working day*. Once the result is received we will provide the Lab Report and a formal Doctor’s Letter also known as a Medical Declaration Letter; of course if the result is positive then we make the required statutory notifications to Public Health England.

Blood Antibody Test

(have you “ever” had a Coronovirus infection)


Swab PCR Antigen Test

(have you currently got a Coronovirus infection)


These packages represent a saving of over £140 each compared to a routine appointment, test and Doctors letter. The packages are not suitable for patients who are currently unwell, who have had symptoms of Coronovirus, who think they might have had Coronovirus in the past or patients who need any other medical assessment/ advice – these patient’s should book a routine new patient appointment.

Where are the Tests Done?

The test are usually done in a face to face appointment with Dr Kumar-Beurg at one of our off-base clinic sites which are;

  • Sparkly Smile Dental Practice, SE3 0TA
  • Healthwise Natural Therapy Centre, SE3 8XA
  • Keats House, SE1 9RS

Provided the booking is made with enough notice: we can send a home self-test kit for you to do the Naso-pharyngeal Swab Antibody test yourself ar home


What’s the Turn-Around Time?

* The officially published turn-around time for routine tests is 48-72 hours from the labs receiving the samples. Therefore we can’t guarantee anything else. However when there is a specific time consideration we make special arrangements for transport as well as fast lab processing and we usually receive (so far we’ve always received) results the next working day.

This means that we can meet the needs of people who are travelling abroad and have to have a swab test within a strict window, usually 48 hr or 72 hr, before departure – or run the risk of 14 days quarantine on arrival.

In fact 2 of first 3 patients we saw for pre-Travel Dr’s Letters were ones who’d been turned away from the airport because their results from elsewhere weren’t adequate and they absolutely had to have a Dr’s Letter within 20 hours (approx) for them to catch the next flight.

One important factor if considering home self-testing is about sample delivery to the Lab. TDL (The Doctors Laboratory) is in the Harley Street area of West London and for time sensitive tests we use a courier to transport the sample within hours. If a test is done at home then the sample can be posted in fact the home test kit is provided with a pre-paid mailing envelop but if the result is time sensitive then we suggest – strongly suggest – that the sample is either delivered by hand or sent by courier to the lab and that we are notified by phone immediately so that we can alert the Sample Reception Desk.

Test Specific Further Information

Details about each of the tests can be found at the links below.

Covid Swab Test Leaflet

Covid Blood Test Leaflet


How to Proceed

  • If you’d like to proceed with one of the Coronovirus tests then please call us on 02084347028 or email
  • The next step will be for you/ every person needing the test to complete an online Health Questionnaire which will be directly sent to the Dr.
  • Then a firm appointment time & place will be arranged and full payment taken in advance.


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