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At Cloud Health, we provide high-quality family medicine.

Prompt and effective care of new problems

We can usually see patients within one working day and provide thorough management plans and treatments to get results fast

A deeper look at unsolved problems

We manage long term conditions and look well beyond the obvious “first line”
causes and tests for persistent symptoms

We provide the following assessments:

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Appointment Types

Routine appointments are often available on the same day.
However, this is not guaranteed. We do not offer walk-ins or wait for service.


Duration: 15 minutes

To be booked more than 24 hours in advance

Suitable for most situations.


Duration: 30 minutes


Duration: 60 minutes

Ideal for long-term health problems that require investigative work or standard personal assessments and general health check-ups

For when remote appointments are needed


Duration: 10-20 minutes

Follow ups

Duration: variable

Important for when aftercare is required

Please note that we do NOT offer the following services:

  • Emergency or unscheduled care
  • Walk-ins
  • Out-of-hours service for evenings and weekends
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to your appointment
to allow for parking and registering with reception.

The next appointment is available from 11:50am Please call: 020 8434 7028 for bookings

What to Expect:

You will receive a text message and an email with booking confirmation. Payment must be made in advance.

New, first-time patients will be asked to complete an online health information form. If you complete the form more than 24 in advance of your appointment then a £5 discount will be applied to the invoice.

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member into the consultation room with you.

Typically, consultations conclude with one of the following options:

(1) a prescription for treatment,
(2) a request form(s) to do tests and investigations or
(3) a referral letter to seek a specialist opinion.

Test requests need to be taken to the relevant hospital department, usually either phlebotomy (for blood, urine and stool samples) or radiology (for an X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans). Many tests are done the same day, but some tests require an empty stomach and others need to be done at set times or when particular equipment/ staff are available.

The test request forms are valid for one month. The request forms that we provide are only valid at the BMI hospitals. However, we do not insist that the tests be done at the BMI, we have some patients who travel and then return with their test results, other patients go to see their NHS GP practice. In either case, we only require that the test results are recent.

We will email or post results to you as soon as we receive them – you are not obliged to book a follow-up appointment to get the results.

Referral letters are typically sent by email or post within a day or two of the appointment.

We usually provide “open referrals” without a named consultant. This allows you to see any consultant in the relevant speciality at your convenience or based on the choices offered by health insurance.

Many patients come to see us for medical forms or reports. These are usually Pro-forma’s that have to be filled in by a Doctor when applying for particular driving licenses; mortgages, financial or investment contracts; university or job positions; travel, sports or stage and theatre events.

There are a few essential considerations to make in advance of booking the appointment;

(1) Some embassies, licensing bodies and clubs & societies have a limited list of approved doctors. For example, most types of pilot’s and most professional diving medicals are only done by aviation or hyperbaric specialist doctors. Please make sure that a general family doctor is allowed to sign off your form before you book.

(2) Dr Kumar-Beurg should have a copy of your medical history records to complete medical forms and reports.

(3) For driving licenses, most of the DVLA medical forms ask for the 3 most recent BP readings on different days. Please ensure that your previous medical records include your BP readings.

(4) Many medical forms require a statement of visual acuity. We require an eye test done by a high street optician where a qualified Optometrist registered with the General Optical Council (GOC) accurately measures your acuity.

Yellow Fever Vaccination and issuing the international YFV Card can only be done by a registered YFV Centre. Neither of the 2 BMI hospitals is a YFV Centre and therefore we can not provide this service (though we often advise about it before patients go on to have the injection done at another centre). If you are looking for YFV then some of your alternatives are .

If you want Dr Kumar-Beurg’s clinical advice about travel health or you’re looking for specific vaccines, for example for employment purposes, then please do make an appointment or fill in our enquiry form .


“I had two appointments with Dr Kumar-Beurg. I was able to get the appointments immediately and at times convenient for me. Dr Kumar-Beurg listened carefully to me and gave extensive explanations of the care he thought was most appropriate.”

“I am very thankful to have met the friendly Dr Kumar-Berg. He was very professional and kind. He expressed genuine interest in me as a patient and took his time during the appointment to hear my doubts and worries, and to explain the possible outcomes instead of rushing me out the door. Much appreciated!”

“I am absolutely delighted that I took the advice of my colleagues and sought a second opinion from Cloud Health. My initial consultation was very thorough, with a second consultation following blood tests identifying the cause of extreme pain which I had suffered for several months and which is now being successfully treated.”

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